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Tonight the only Norwegian bellydance-competition, Dancer of the Year, will be held!
Ten dancer/numberss in each category are given the opportunity to compete for great prizes and the title Dancer of the Year 2017!

Ater announcing the winners, we continue our evening with the Open Stage show, where performers will showcase their varied characters and creativity!

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www.studioorient.noAZIZA, Canada/USA
OODF is proud to present, for the first time in Norway - AZIZA!
Aziza is one of the brightest, most in-demand stars of bellydance in the world today, recognized across the globe for her unparalleled ability to express the unique synergy of movement and sound that is the hallmark of this ancient art form. Her innate musicality, effortless creativity and lifelong training allow Aziza to fully inhabit the dance, simultaneously capturing a range of emotion and intensity of expressive movement - subtle yet intense, fluid yet strong, poetic and powerful. Aziza is of the rare and gifted breed of performer whose styling is instantly recognizable, yet always evolving and new.
She started dancing at the age of 3 and took her first bellydance class in 1987.
She has produced numerous DVDs and CDs for oriental dance and tours the world annually.
Don't miss the opportunity to see her live on stage!

Helene of Norway
ne is one of the leading oriental dancers and choreographers in Norway, and one of the few who master both Turkish and Egyptian styles of dance. She runs Studio Orient in downtown Oslo and is one of the few Norwegian dancers who work internationally giving performances and workshops worldwide.
She is the organizer of Oslo Oriental Dance Festival and is one of the dancers in the troup Divas of Bellydance consisting of five of Norway's most established oriental dancers. She is also the organizer of the annual bellydance competition, Dancer of the Year, which is held during the festival.
Helene is known from events and media, such as the Norwegian 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'Dancing With The Stars', and was recently a semifinalist in 'Norway's Got Talent.
She has performed live with the legendary Ibrahim Tatlises and has recently performed for HRH the King of Norway.
She has produced the Norwegian instructional DVD, 'Bellydance with Helene', and has two oriental music albums, by Mustapha Dahir orchestra, dedicated to her dance.

Leyla Jouvana & Roland
OODF is proud to present this duet for the first time in Norway!
They are one of the most sought after artistic duos in the world - awards won include the Halima Award (Germany): „Shimmy Queen",
- The Giza-Akademy in LA named Leyla Best Live Dancer and Drum Soloist
- Bellydancer of the world in 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010 (Show Group and Ensemble Leyla Jouvana & Choreographie Leyla Jouvana)
Leyla and Roland Jouvana undertake year-round world tours at weekends - as such, they have been guest stars in more than 40 countries and coached more than 75,000 students worldwide!
Their structured dance education and workshop system is sought after among dancers worldwide and their studio offers courses from beginner to master class level and the possibility to work towards the prestigious CODE certificate (Certified Oriental Dance Education). Leyla has also made several bestselling DVDs eg. '21 Shimmies & 1001 Variations', 'More Shimmies' and 'Layers with Leyla' (in conjunction with IAMED Hollywood Productions).
Leyla and Roland can also count more than 500 appearances on national and international TV and magazine covers.
OODF is happy to present this wonderful duo in Norway for the very first time!

DaVid of Scandinavia, Norway/USA
We are glad to announce that DaVid of Scandianavia will be back for OODF 2017!
DaVid is loved by the Norwegian audience and is in high demand world wide.
DaVid of Scandinavia is an internationally touring Middle Eastern dance artist, choreographer and dance coach. Norwegian by birth and East Indian by heritage, DaVid trained in Punjabi Folk dances from an early age under his father, Ustad Tarlochan Singh, former member of the award winning Layllpur Khalsa College Bhangra Team.
He has lived the last ten years of his life in San Diego, USA, where he founded DOSDA, focusing on coaching professional dancers for higher levels of artisic expression.
In 2010, he coached and choreographed for the Bellydance Superstars for their Bombay Bellywood show. He has authored and published study materials for Middle Eastern dance. DaVid's articles have been published in international magazines and webzines. Don't miss his performance and workshops in Oslo 2017!
www.majken.noMichelle Galdo, Norway
Michelle is considered one of the leading belly dancers in Norway and has captured the heart of many dancers.
As a dancer, she is known for her "heavy" and intricate hip work which she combines with elegance and grace. She is one of the dancers in the troup Divas of Bellydance, and was part of the trio that performed the first oriental show in Norway "A Journey Along the Nile" which was been shown in the largest cities in Norway.
Many dancers dream of dancing like Michelle, so here's your chance to learn from this beautiful dancer!
Dana Sahar, Czech Republic
Dana Sahar is a prominent Czech dancer, instructor and choreographer. Sahar has been teaching oriental dance since 1999 and currently she has been running her own school of oriental dance. She has been studying dance with the world’s most famous teachers and dancers, as well as apprehending dance in its natural environment, danced by native women. She has graduated from the intensive master course of Madame Raqia Hassan in Cairo and Oriental dance academy in the Czech republic and currently leads a project on long-term training of dance teachers. In addition to dance she studies psychology. She performs and teaches not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Egypt, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc. She danced in TV programmes and at prestigious venues – e.g.for Her Majesty Jordanian Princess, embassies of several Arab countries, different political and Royal personalities. Sahar is also one of the contributors to a compilation book about oriental dance and culture. Every year she hosts large oriental shows, dance competitions and workshops with exquisite dance teachers from abroad. Her favourite dance styles is Egyptian raks sharki, drum solo with live musical accompaniment and folkloric dances of Egypt.

Svetare (SW/Russia)
Svetare is a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer for oriental dance, as well as being a university professor in exercise and sport. In addition she is a qualified Pilates Instructor.
She is Bellydance Evolution dancer (BDE Jillina`s company), and currently featuring as the "Cheshire Cat" in the Alice in Wonderland show.Svetare has own dance scool in 2 city and regularly performs around the world. She has also successfully completed levels 1 and 2 of the prestigious “Suhaila Salimpour School”, and enriched her professional career with learning from numerous internationally renowned instructors such as Suhaila e Jamila Salimpour, Raqia Hassan, Dina, Randa Kamel, Tito Seif, Momo Cadous, Yousry Sharif, Hassan Afifi, Wael Mansour, Jillina, Sadie, Aziza.
We welcome her to Oslo for the first time, and she will tach a Rumba oriental workshop during the festival!

Marte Kjøll, Norway/Egypt
Marte has lived in Cairo for the pas tsix years, mainly looking after the pyramid horses but also finding time to perform at weddings and festivals, such as the Nile Group festival, and sometimes return to Norway to share her love of egyptian dance with us!
She has studid with various teachers in Cairo during her stay, and has a deep understanding of the essence of Egyptian dance.
This year she will share her knowledge about the evolution and of the changes in Egyptian shaaby!

Ingrid Bjørsnøs Kvam, Norway
Ingrid won the title of Dancer of the Year at OODF in 2011, and has been performing both in Norway and abroad since. Ingrid is an innovative choreographer and she has a unique stage presence, always aiming to entertain the audience and does so with great success!
She has been involved in Middle Eastern dance since 2007, and enjoys working at the edge of the various Egyptian styles, but always with respect for the dance's origins. She is very passionate about scene expression, and emphasizes that the term should not be something random that happens during the performance, but that it should be addressed as a central component of all choreographies.
Ingrid lives in Trondheim, and has been a teacher at Trondheim Orientalske Danseskole for the last years.

Shehaifa, Phillipines/Dubai
For the first time in Norway, we present SHEHAIFA (Philippines/Dubai)!
Shehaifa was born in the Philippines to parents of Spanish descent. she is currently based in Middle East since 2001 with her family. Shehaifa is a professional bellydance artist, performer and teaches internationally. She is known for elegant, graceful and energetic moves with her creative style, which reflects her diverse background and personality. She has also performed on TV in the Philippines.

Laura Cernegliano, Italy
Laura is a dancer and choreographer of Sicilian origins, with twenty years of experience in the dance world.
A natural predilection for ethnic cultures led her to deepen the study of Flamenco and Oriental dance through professionals in the best academies in France and Spain long stay in Egypt and North Africa to better absorb the language and traditions. She perfected her technique with many of the best international teachers to find her own style.
In 2002 she founded the first school of Oriental Dance and Arab Percussion in Brescia, Italy, (Association L’Aura).
Laura also teaches in London, in a number of international festivals throughout Europe and the Maghreb. She is the Artistic Director of 3 editions of Oriental Bellydance Palermo Festival, Festival of Enchantment On the East and the Sahara Garda Festival, and represents Italy at the prestigious Festival BDC China.

Lamya Taoussi, Norway
Lamya Taoussi started dancing in 2010 and has her background in Egyptian oriental, Moroccan folk dance and jazz dance.
She keeps her focus on the traditional combined with the modern movement pattern in jazz dance.
In 2012 she won the title of "Dancer of the Year" in the Folklore category, and in 2015 she won 1st place in the professional solo oriental category, both arranged by Oslo Oriental Dance Festival!
She also has titles from the Danish Open Bellydance; 3rd place in 2013 and 1st place in 2015.
Lamya is one of Oslo's up and coming dancers and you often see her performing in restaurants and at events!
She has been teaching at Eva Treningssenter, Studio Orient and har given workshops and performed at several festivals in Norway and abroad.
Annah of Sweden
Annah is an Oriental Dance performer and instructor and owner of Fireflow Oriental Dance.
She discovered Oriental dance in the early 90's and was immediately captivated. After 2-3 years of lessons for Danish teachers in the genre she started performing in the Malmö/Lund area of southern Sweden. By this time she was studying with internationally renowned teachers.
In 1996 she started teaching her first classes in Oriental dance and in 2011 Annah started her own company Fireflow Oriental Dance.
Annah currently has the title "Dancer of the Year 2016" from winning 1st prize in both the professional Oriental and Folklore category at Oslo Oriental Dance Festival. November 2014 Annah was awarded 1st prize in the "Grand Diva" category of the international competition Danish Open Bellydance.
Madam Qadam, Norge
Madam Qadam is Lailas artistic name. Qadam means feet in arabic and emphasizes her focus om safe excersice through knowledge of anatomy and movement.
Laila is a lecturer in dance after 3-year ballet teacher education at the Faculty of Education at College of Bodø.
She studied at the renowned Egyptian dancer and Master Teacher Yoursry Sharif by Egyptian Academy of Oriental Dance in New York for one year. At the same time, Laila was a fulltime student at Dance Space Center on Broadway. Laila took courses in classical ballet, jazz dance, modern dance, simonsontechnique (modern jazz), hip-hop / funk, Thai massage, anatomy, pilates and yoga.
She has also completed a 2-year weekend based oriental dance program at CATT; Certified Academic Teacher Training in Berlin at Tanzstudio Cifuentes.